Business Management with specialization in Sustainable Management

  • Abschluss Master of Science
  • Dauer 4 Semester
  • Art Fernstudium

With the obstacles that global warming is presenting, organizations and industries are facing the challenge of managing the impact they have not only on the economy but also on the environment. Businesses need to rely on experts with a deep understanding of various sustainability issues who are able to develop concepts that work in favour of the environment and at the same time help secure the long-term viability of their company.

With this goal in mind, the Institute of Executive Capabilities has created a program that does not only teach students the basics of economics, strategic management and marketing and therefore opens doors to great job opportunities but also gives the chance to focus on an issue that is gaining more and more relevance. Graduates offer the necessary skills to work in positions such as sustainability consultants, corporate sustainability strategists, business management or entrepreneurs in the field of sustainability.

Thanks to the flexible concept of this program, students can enter at any time. Classes take place online which allows the combination of classes and a job without any problem.

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